Changes in 2019 for Oz Click N’ Shop

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People change every day by nature, for example, our cells experience constant process of regeneration. Each new day is an opportunity for us to improve and feel happier with ourselves and the rest of the world. After considering Oz Click N’ Shop past year performance, our team prepared new plans for our business. We want to share with you some details about our changes in 2019.

Our purpose in 2019

This year we want to take more actions aligned to our general purpose: provide hassle-free online shopping experiences to everyone. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, common factors among not Internet users in Australia are aging, unemployment and immigration from non-English speaking countries (HOUSEHOLD INTERNET ACCESS). Helping these audiences to get access to the Internet may contribute with our purpose.

Online shopping

So far, our experience in online shopping has evolved according to our team personal circumstances. Being ourselves immigrants from Venezuela, we’ve been exposed to very different markets. Also, constant advances in technology and online resources are making our journey very interesting and we enjoy it every time. This year we’ll be experiencing the process of buying and selling using different online platforms and we’ll be sharing our lessons learnt at the same time. By doing this, we should encourage others to try by themselves increasing online shopping activities.

In conclusion, we have prepared important changes in 2019 to improve ourselves and help others at the same time in the process. Hope you join us in this journey.

Happy online shopping!

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