Shopping in Facebook today is easy

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Shopping in Facebook is convenient, easy and fun. Facebook has different groups & pages in which people can buy, sell or exchange different goods following Facebook’s commerce policies. The main group is Marketplace. This digital marketplace is great to buy locally, but it also may be an alternative to those that prefer to stay at home and wait for the purchased goods to arrive. The most important is to be safe at all times.

What is attractive about shopping in Facebook?

It is convenient because users can search for products that are already closer to them when using local groups or Marketplace. It is social, it lets you interact directly with the seller, there is space for bargains and small talks. It is easy, no need to compromise to buy by paying at front. It is accessible, Facebook apps (including Messenger) allow users to find what they want at their fingertips. It also permits to re-post your items in other similar groups increasing your exposure. In addition, you can save and earn money too if you decide to let go your own stuff.

Can I trust in the seller?

As usual, it depends. Follow the recommendations from Marketplace to stay safe and also check other posts about How to know a site is safe for online shopping or What to consider when shopping online. Basically, if you have enough references from the seller and the exchange process is secure it’s all good to go. Become a seller and enjoy the experience, it may help you to be a better buyer too.

In conclusion, buy & sell in Facebook is very popular in many countries such as Australia. It may help you to safe money and support your local economy while being social. Be safe, try it now and let us know about your experience.

Happy online shopping!

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