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Hello Fresh is a company that “aims to provide each and every household in 11 markets with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome, home-made meals with no preparing, no shopping and no hassle.” In Australia, some people consider their service overpriced, but you can make great savings using their referral program and multiple promotions. In general, it seems that shopping from Hello Fresh is easy.

What is attractive about Hello Fresh?

The experience of getting all main ingredients for healthy recipes is very “fresh”. Getting a box with hard copies of recipes and the required ingredients nicely packed is very pleasant. Cool bags may be included in the box too. No worries about shopping lists or time for finding recipes for a fulfilling meal. However, bear in mind that basic ingredients such as pepper, flour or salt are expected be be found in your pantry. People with limited mobility or time to do their regular errands at a supermarket can find great benefits of this service.

What to consider with Hello Fresh?

As mentioned before, you should have some basic ingredients already at home. The recipes include estimated time of preparation. However, times may differ in your case depending on your cooking skills and tools you have at home. Also, some ingredients may not be of your preference, e.g. most people would like to get soft avocados instead of hard ones. In addition, consider that cheeses, spices and sauces may be included. If you’re not use to eat with these just be mindful before using them as specified in the recipe.

Definitely, Hello Fresh offers a different experience for shopping goods and could be a great gift idea for your love ones.

Happy online shopping!

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