How to know if a site is safe for online shopping?

Safe Online Shopping

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The lack of cyber security measures, is a major issue on the internet today. E-commerce sites request relevant customer data such as name, phone number, address, and bank details. If these sites don’t comply with cyber security measures, your data is at risk of falling into criminal hands who can then try to mess with your bank account. Most of the most experienced in online shopping certainly have high standards in terms of applying security measures to protect their customers’ details, but the same may not be true for other inexperienced online retailers. You need to identify if a site is safe for online shopping.

How to know a site is safe for online shopping?

  1. Verify the URL used to collect your payment details has ‘https://’
  2. Read privacy policies
  3. If the link comes from an email, verify the source

The following recommendations will help you identify if a site is safe for online shopping. The ‘https://’ is the protocol used to transmit encrypted data from the browser to the server. When buying from a website, make sure the page in which you are including all your payment details uses this protocol. Also, read the privacy policies of the site. By buying of the site you may be accepting to use your data in different ways. Confirm your data is going to be treated in a responsible manner. When receiving links from emails or even from text messages in your phone, verify the source. If you are not sure about the source, the best option is to report them as spam or delete them. Do not open files or provide personal information if requested from unknown sources.

Attention to detail can safe you from scams. Recognise the use of the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), site privacy policies and source of unrequested emails or mobile text messages and act consciously.

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