3 reasons to wear a watch

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Today, you can get the time from any mobile device. Tomorrow, I imagine that with a simple question or command in your mind such as ‘time’ you’d instantly get it. So, in these scenarios, why to wear a watch you may ask? I’m going to share here 3 reasons to wear a watch:

  1. To feel & communicate your style
  2. To show you care
  3. In case of an emergency

Feel and express yourself

Watches have been an important accessory for men and women in business and social events. By wearing them, you may feel more elegant or just happier. If you like the appearance of the watch and how it looks on you, this will contribute with your mood. Watches may impress others by their quality and/or look. At the same time, it could help you communicate the right message about you such as how do you identify with a particular brand philosophy.

Show you care

Some watches may expose their internal pieces, letting people appreciate the beauty of its mechanism. Others, may be water resistance and capable of work in deep waters. In both examples, you’re showing you care. In the first case, it may appear you appreciate the art, history, efforts and technical features behind your watch. In the second scenario, you show you value your time and the time of others even when having fun and/ or exercising.

Emergency! – where’s my watch?

If valuable, a watch may be the only resource available for you capable of saving lives. In worst crisis, a simple trade of a watch my be the ultimate solution. In a less dramatic situation, if the technology fails, your battery watch may be the unique reliable source to get the time. Never underestimate the value of a watch 🙂

In conclusion, be authentic, express yourself and be always prepare in case of an emergency by wearing your favourite watch.

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