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Digital payment failures are part of the risks for users when making online transactions. Examples are technical glitches, faltering internet connection or debited amounts from the shopper that weren’t accredited to the seller. It’s important to be informed about these problems in case you experience any of them in the future.

 What digital payment failures are you having?

Technical/ Internet issues

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) should offer support in these cases. Keep their contact number saved in case of having to deal with these type of problems. Try to avoid shop online if you’re using a public PC or laptop in unfamiliar locations because there’s always the risk of letting your private information visible and available to scammers.

Amount not being accredited to seller

The waiting periods for making payments effective may vary depending on the payment method selected by the consumer. Contact the providers of these services in case of issues. Open cases may take several days and proof of the purchase may be required.

Invoices, receipts and screenshots of the transaction are always valuable resources in these scenarios.

If you’re not responsible for any transaction that has been allocated to your credit/ debit card, you may be the victim of a fraud. Immediately, contact your bank and report the incident. Usually, in these cases banks cancel current card, provide a new one while studying the case to confirm and retrieve the missing amount to you.

To conclude, be safe when paying by credit/debit card, online banking, or using one of the many digital wallets available today. Keep a copy of your proof of payment and useful contact numbers in case you need to escalate your problem to third parties.

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