Baby Child Safety Corner Guards


Baby Child Safety Corner Guards. Clear PVC, simple to use and clean. Protect your loved baby from sharp furniture and table corners.

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Baby Child Safety Corner Guards


MEDICAL GRADE PVC, COMPLETE CHILD SAFETY, CLEAR, TRANSPARENT AND CLEAN: Made of 100% non-toxic medical grade PVC, can contact directly with foods or be bitten by kids (unlike most other PVC materials). Since these are clear & transparent, once you put them on you won’t even notice that they are there! They blend seamless with your furniture, maintaining that original look and feel of your furniture. No more bulky, ugly colored foam or rubber!

CUSTOM MADE TRACELESS ADHESIVES: NOT ONLY keep the corner protectors securely fastened, BUT ALSO are easy to remove without damaging your loved furniture – Heat the corner edge protectors with a hair dryer (a moderately warm cloth is also ok) for a minute or two and allow adhesive to soften, lift from one side and peel off. – If adhesive residue remains on the surface, you can use rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the surface for a final clean up.

WIDELY USED: Baby proofing corner guards protect your loved baby against painful bumps, injuries and bruises from sharp furniture and table corners. Never again will you feel fearful and anxious that your child is at risk of serious injury. Clear corner guards can also be used when moving furniture to avoid damage to furniture or walls.

SIMPLE & EASY INSTALLATION: It is easy to set-up, clean and dry corner surface, and then remove backing from 3M adhesive and press firmly to corner.SUITABLE FOR: right-angled “corner” tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. Can be used on plastics, tile, stone, wood, metal, glass furniture and other furniture (surface is smooth and clean, with very little texture). Painted or stained surfaces, may not be suited depending on materials.


10 x 3M corner protectors (transparent/ clear)
30 x 3M stickers

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