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We can help you to get your dinosaur party supplies online! In Australia and many other countries dinosaurs are a popular theme for birthdays parties for girls and boys. It’s fun, easy and can be also economic to organise a party about it. Read How to Throw a (Last Minute) Dinosaur Party.

3 basic items you need for your dinosaur party

The dinosaur figures and consistent colour selection of the main items in your party will help you to set the theme. Consider the:

  1. Cake: if you’re buying or making a plain cake, you can easily transform it to a dinosaur one adding a sugar print of dinosaurs (if you have some time), paper prints (by using some wood sticks to hold them on the cake), a dinosaur toy or dinosaur cookies cutters.
  2. Decoration and finger food: be consistent with the colour selection for the table clothe and globes or wall decoration, this help to set the theme of the party. If you have time bake your cookies with dinosaur shapes and prepare bread loafs with dinosaur shapes.
  3. Lolly bags: brown paper sandwich bags can work! Get a rustic cord to close them. Also, you could include tiny dinosaur figures. Dinosaur stickers may be easy to put in too! Dinosaur cookies and bread cutters can also be part of these bags since they can be used for getting fun figures in kids’ lunchbox snacks.

Your dinosaur party supplies online

Tyrannosaurus Rex , Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Brachiosaurus are the most known dinosaurs among kids. Using these names with their shapes in the party decoration can be educative at the same time.

Get your dinosaur party supplies online. They’re fun, economic and easy to find, from dinosaur toys to cookies or bread cutters in dinosaur shapes. Great DIY project!

Happy online shopping!

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