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Until the moment you get the product on your hands after an online purchase, you won’t be able to tell how is the quality of the item you’ve bought. For this reason, it’s common to find return policies in most e-commerce sites. Also, guarantees should be clearly specified. Replacements or money returns should be available alternatives in case of receiving a damaged product. Otherwise, it may be better to skip the site to avoid risks. Unclear return and guarantee policies may be synonym of future hassles in your shopping.

How return policies should be on e-commerce sites?

They should be clear. In some cases, low cost products may have no return or replacement options. The must important is that the site made these conditions clear and the shoppers are aware of the risks involved to allow them make the most suitable choice according to their needs. Avoid sites with unclear return and guarantee policies or in which you don’t interact or get any insight about the seller’s performance.

It should include the number of days shoppers can return a product, how they would receive a refund  such as credit or replacement. In the case of digital products or in-app purchases if refunds are available and payment shipping details. More details on Sample Return Policy for Ecommerce Stores.

Return policies should also protect sellers

Sellers are often the victims or scams in online shopping activities. Shoppers may be unaware of the risks many sellers are into on daily basis. These are also found on well established e-commerce sites with strong return, shipping and guarantee policies. Here some examples: The four pitfalls of buying and selling on eBay.

Knowledge and previous agreement before shopping online is very important. If you’re a seller or a buyer, you always should be protected when participating in online shopping.

Happy online shopping!

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